About Mick

Hello, I’m Mick Janice, I’m a fine furniture maker and antique furniture restorer. I was born and brought up in London England and came to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2004. I have lived and worked here ever since.

I am a graduate of London College of Furniture and Rycotewood College Thame. I have over five decades of woodworking experience.

Before coming to Canada I lived and worked in Nigeria and then Eritrea, as a V.S.O. Volunteer teaching woodwork. >>more

Mick Janice, furniture maker, furniture repair and antique restauration in Halifax , Nova Scotia

Furniture Creation

Halifax, Nova scotia furniture maker, custom furniture
I have been creating by own furniture for the last four decades. Inspired by Bauhaus, I delight in keeping my designs clean and simple. Inlaying and using complementary woods is one of my specialties. More >>

Furniture Reproduction

furniture reproduction halifax, nova scotiaAs well as my own design, I will manufacture furniture using traditional design influences. Some of my pieces are inspired by traditional designs, while others are straight copies. >>More

Antique Restoration

antique furniture restoration, halifax, nova scotiaDo you have a piece of broken or distressed furniture that you would like to restore to a workable condition? I can help. More >>